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What is "Programmatic" and how is it used?

Competing in the modern world of digital marketing and advertising

Brands use this technology to close a sale.


We use it to find you new recruits.


Digital advertising agencies and marketers have traditionally used programmatic ad placement to put a video in front of the right person at the right time. By LEA optimizing this social media marketing strategy (SMM) we can distribute recruitments videos inside living rooms, bedrooms, coffee shops, universities, neighborhoods and more, via cellphones and personal computers.  We believe that if brands can use this technology to generate leads that close a sale, we can use this same technology for LEA to generate leads to find new recruits. Or to even solicit tips. This is why Programmatic Investigations was created.  


Since 2015 we have studied the trends and ethics of Big Data, online video, and its application towards consumer marketing on the internet.  Video marketing statistics show that programmatic placement of video content is the most effective way to engage a hyper-targeted audience and call them to action. Our Recruitment videos will get your message into communities that typically are difficult for LEA to reach.


Programmatic Investigations provides a turnkey creative/production/marketing service to our clients. Our goal is to help law enforcement agencies thrive and engage with their communities by helping them find qualified recruits based on their department needs. Our integrated services allows us to efficiently, effectively and affordably  bring the power of proven video marketing strategies and high-quality video production to nearly 17,000 law enforcement agencies across the country.  Through our process we empower your agencies recruitment team with the marketing tools they need to compete in a modern digital world.



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