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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I simply record a video on my phone?

Yes & no. Yes, there is a place for ephemeral video content you record on your phone. For example, notifying your community on Twitter about an incident their area. But, when creating a recruitment video the quality of message and the production value need to be effective in persuading your viewer to action. This requires time to dicuss your agency goals, develop video creative that supports your strategy, then coordinate resources across your units with video production.

Do I need a marketing strategy? Can you just make a video?

Absolutely! We are happy to help. Every client has unique needs for their LEA and it's important we provide a custom solution to fit those needs. But we can't stress enough the importance of having a strategy in place for how your video will be distributed and where viewers engage your video. Having a clear recruitment video marketing stratgy in place will ensure you get the most ROI out of your ongoing efforts. This means more recruits in the door!

What is audience targeting?

Hyper-targeting audiences allows us to put your video infront of the right person at the right time. By identifying demographics, psychographics, interests, past purchases and more, Programmtic Investigations is able to find the perfect audience for your recruitment marketing video.

Why are we called Programmatic Investigations anyway?

We help LEA find new recruits online by applying a programmatic inbound marketing strategy that will drive recrutis to their website and social media accounts. A well crafted video with a clear strategy of telling your agency's story will be an essential tool in persuading new recruits to contact your department. Programmatic Investigations works exclusively with law enforcement offering cutting edge marketing strategies, high quality video production, and targeted video placement that no other company provides. Because we are an integrated media agency (markting+production+distribution) we offer this service at a very commeptetive rate.

What is the cost of a recruitment video marketing campaign?

We do offer turnkey packages to make the process transparant and easy. But keep in mind that each package can also be a starting point for creating a custom solution that meets your departments budget and recrtuitment needs. You can learn more about our turnkey packages here.

Is the recruitment marketing video for online and social media use only?

No! Actullay, you'll find this video as a great supplement to your in-person recrutiment efforts at job fairs or other pop-up events.


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