Recruiting Young Officers To Your Police Department

To have a persuasive recruitment campaign that effectively calls your candidates to action by contacting your recruitment office, it’s important to understand what motivates your young recruits. The Police1 article “What young cops want (and what police leaders can do about it),” by Sgt. Jarrett Morris, takes a look at what the new generation of officers are looking for in their careers.

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Sgt. Morris discusses several topics but we are only focusing on two and putting them through our recruitment marketing lens: “Young cops want to work with new technology” and “Young cops are unconstrained.” When considering a recruitment strategy there are some great take-aways to point out.

An effective LEO recruitment video marketing campaign can address the topic of technology by showcasing the departments use of surveillance cameras, gunshot detection systems, automated license plate readers, facial recognition software, body cameras, and drones.

For example, recruitment your videos can feature the police department’s use of technology as they respond to and investigate crimes. Additionally, your recruitment website can feature additional informative content that explains the training and responsibilities that go along with the specialized police work. When a prospective recruit is excited about your department’s approach to police work they are more likely to contact your recruitment team.

Next, when addressing what motivates young recruits, Sgt. Morris also talks about younger officers being “unconstrained.” He clarifies by writing, “It is very common for young officers to search for and find new ways to complete a task or investigation.” It’s an age old story. The new generation will always have a different point of view – no matter what the job! We understand and one reason why we created The Digital Canvass.

The Digital Canvass is a social media investigation tool for law enforcement that can help departments engage with communities that are typically hard to reach. Actually, it’s the same technology Nike uses marketing to customers online to close a sale on a pair of sneakers. The difference is we use this technology to help investigators close a case by generating tips online. It’s this type of innovative and unconstrained use of technology that new recruits will likely be drawn to.

One final thought on recruiting young LEO, the medium is the message. An exciting and informative recruitment video marketed on social media shows the department’s savviness with digital platforms, modern police work, and community engagement. This unconstrained approach to recruitment and embrace of technology will itself communicate to an applicant that you care, making it easier for a recruit to see themselves as an officer at your department.

Whether it’s understanding what motivates young cops or addressing lateral recruits we are here to assist departments with their LEO recruitment video marketing.

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