Successful recruitment is the life-blood of any law enforcement agency and video is now a vital component of the wider content strategy that supports this process. From social engagement to online advertising, developing a compelling brand story that attracts the best and most suitable recruit is a continuing challenge. Our approach would be to see how we could create multiple video assets as part of the creative process and explore the best way to activate this content. We will work to understand the audience, the objectives, your brand and the imperatives for the project, making sure we get the most out of the development process.



Our in-house team works with you to develop not just a great creative solution, but the right creative solution. We make video across the full spectrum of content types, whether it’s content that needs animation, interviews, visual effects, aerial photography, live action or motion graphics to tell your story, we have the capability to fulfill those creative ambitions.



We spend as much time thinking about what to do once the film is completed as we do about how to make it. We consider how we can create multiple assets from the production process as well as what channels we can utilize to maximize reach and performance. From optimizing uploading and placement, to how best to promote the content, we carefully plan how to engage audiences in the most impactful way whilst providing rigorous measurement and reporting.

To understand both how we work and see an overview of the types of work we do please take a look at our portfolio case studies. We’d love to hear from you and learn more about the projects you have in mind and how we might help.



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