Tips On Recruiting Qualified Law Enforcement Candidates

Video marketing can have a big impact on your recruitment

I recently read an article by about how to successfully recruit qualified law enforcement candidates. The top three challenges they see facing recruitment are:

1) The need for more strategic planning

2) Better understanding of the market

3) Modern marketing and advertising techniques

The good news is we address these very issues when we create a video marketing campaign for your department's recruitment. Our goal is to create a clear road map for video marketing success that will ultimately be navigated and managed internally by your recruitment team.

The article goes on to suggest five tips on how to improve recruitment. After review, we can confirm that our video marketing strategies provide all five of these solutions, for example:

1) One person in charge of recruiting.

On our assessment questionnaire we ask this very question. Who is in charge of the project? Having a dedicated team leader for the video marketing campaign is an essential key to success.

2) More publicity about vacancies.

Not only will your videos will be seen across multiple social media platforms and the internet, you will also standout at job fairs and career days with strategic video content.

3 & 4) Identifying potential markets and viable candidates

Knowing your audience is a critical component of success, that's why we make a plan to ensure your theme and message will get to the right people.

5) Performance indicators

Your recruitment campaign leader will have mechanisms in place to capture data and compare it to success projections, ensuring your video marketing stays on course and your department gets a maximum ROI for years to come.


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